Healthy Parks and Playgrounds

Image of Spinning Dish Play Feature

The long-range goal of the Cambridge Healthy Parks and Playgrounds initiative is to provide a diverse range of play opportunities throughout the city that are fun, physically challenging, creatively stimulating and socially engaging, and that serve children and adults of all different age groups, ability levels and interests.


Cover of Healthy Parks and Playgrounds Report

A report describing the City's vision to provide fulfilling play opportunities for people of all ages, including play that is creative, imaginative, physical, challenging and social.

Cover of Play in the Public Realm Guidebook

A guidebook suggesting ways that designers of streets, walkways, plazas and other public spaces can make them more playful, engaging and welcoming to people of all ages.

Let the Public Play Logo (Cambridge Arts Council)

An initiative of the Cambridge Arts Council engaging artists and community members to create playful installations in public spaces, and in the CAC gallery at 344 Broadway, Cambridge.

Adventure Playground Report Thumbnail

A CDD report from 1999 describing ideas for a possible adventure playground in Cambridge.

Articles About Play

These outside links are provided to reflect some current discussions around issues of play in cities.

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