Growth Management Advisory Committee

Areas proposed for reduced F A R by Growth Management

From 1997 to 2001 the Citywide Growth Management Advisory Committee (CGMAC) addressed concerns expressed by the community about future density and traffic growth, the need for more housing, including affordable units, and opportunities for public review of large projects. The Committee worked with City staff and consultants, and their work was informed by a series of public meetings, workshops, and forums. The group met twice a month for almost two years to produce zoning recommendations to address the above-mentioned issues.

The following zoning changes recommended by the CGMAC, considered by the Planning Board, were adopted by the City Council:

The Citywide rezoning proposals were summarized for the general public in a series of bulletins.

Working materials on a variety of topics:

Working materials from the June 2000 Workshop: District by District Approach to FAR Revisions:

  • Memo from May 16, 2000:  Discussion of intent of proposed reductions in Floor-Area-Ratios (FARs) and the how proposed reductions were derived
  • Housing as an Allowed Use in Industrial Districts: Proposed Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Cambridge and Map of Districts:   Includes the text of proposed amendments and a map of districts zoned for industrial use
  • Maps of Current and Projected Development: A series of maps distributed to at the workshop that provided information on then current conditions and projected the results of development patterns under both then current zoning conditions (i. e., the "Status Quo" Scenario) and proposed reductions in FARs discussed at the workshop (i. e., the "District by District" Scenario).

For More Information

For more information about the Growth Management Advisory Committee, please contact Stuart Dash, Director of Community Planning, at or 617/349-4640.