Waterhouse Street Traffic Calming Project

Waterhouse Street Concord Avenue Intersection

Completed in 2013, in addition to sidewalk and roadway reconstruction, the project includes traffic calming elements to reduce vehicle speeds and enhance safety for pedestrians.  These were developed through an extensive community process, which included two neighborhood meetings organized by the city and several meetings with individual property owners. 

The proposed work includes new sidewalk along the Cambridge Common (Garden Street to Massachusetts Avenue), curb extensions at the intersections of Waterhouse Street and Garden Street, raised intersection at Concord Avenue and Waterhouse Street to replace the existing traffic signal, curb extension at Waterhouse Street and Follen Street with new crosswalk markings, additional planting area between Follen Street and Little Massachusetts Avenue, alignment of existing crosswalk and additional crosswalk across Massachusetts Avenue. 

This project has been completed. No further updates to this project page will be made.