CitySmart for City Employees

Collage of all CitySmart modes of transportation

CitySmart connects you with the information and resources you need to get around without getting behind the wheel. Biking, walking and transit take you where you need to be. Whether it’s your morning commute or a mid-day meeting—getting there really can be half the fun!

How Do You Do CitySmart?

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Walk This Way

Smiling woman riding a bike at night
Go Take a Bike

 CitySmart transit collage
Buses and Shuttles and Trains - oh my!

Bicycle Classes for City Employees


Hubway Bicycles
Transportation Fair


 Photo of bicyclists and walkers
Emergency Ride Home

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Getting Around Cambridge (GAC) Map




*Please note that you will not be able to access the city intranet unless you are connected to the city computer network.

City of Cambridge Employee? Here's How to Get CitySmart

For More Information

For more information about your employee commuter benefits, please contact Miguel Perez Luna at 617/349-4671 or