Transit in Cambridge

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You can find many public transportation options -- subway, buses, commuter rail, shuttles, and bike share-- in a lot of Cambridge. As a result, many Cambridge residents, workers, visitors, and students choose public transit, walking and biking. Given changes going on in Cambridge like more jobs, smaller families, more single people -- public transit can play an even more critical role for people getting around Cambridge and Greater Boston.

To guide how Cambridge improves public transit the City established a Transit Advisory Committee in 2013 and released a Transit Strategic Plan in 2015. Click to view the plan in high resolution / low resolution. To find information on how to get around in Cambridge using transit, please visit the Getting Around Cambridge by Transit page.

Recent updates

MBTA services change as part of COVID-19 Response

In March 2020, the MBTA began to change how it provided public transportation in the region. As of Monday, July 20, 2020, many of the MBTA's operations have returned in modified form. Rapid transit has returned to regular weekday schedules, most bus routes are running, and the commuter rail and ferry are operating on weekend service. For more information, please visit the MBTA's website

Cambridge bus delay and unreliability study - Completed

In 2018, the City of Cambridge asked a consultant to study delay and unreliability for bus routes in Cambridge. The consultant study revealed that several areas in Cambridge have high delay, high variability for travel times, or both. These areas generally fall in to three categories -- crossings of the Charles River, approaching Red and Green Line stations, and North Mass Ave. The results of this study are summarized in the "areas of concern" map. Click here to see areas of concern for bus delay and unreliability.

Transit initiatives

The City is engaged in a number of studies and projects related to transit within Cambridge and the greater region.

Cambridge Initiatives

Regional Initiatives

Additional transit information

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For more information

For more information, contact Andrew Reker at or 617/349-6959.