Central Square Advisory Committee: 2011

Patrick W. Barrett III Sean Casey LLC 
Anya Alexandra Bear MIT
Mark Boyes-Watson Resident
Kathryn Lachelt Brown Forest City 
Kara Cournoyer Novartis 
Susan Fleischmann CCTV
Josh Gerber 1369 Coffeehouse
Randa Ghattas Resident
Nicholas Haney Intercontinental Real Estate
Esther Hanig Resident
Ming-Tai Huh Resident
Gavin W. Kleespies Resident
Robin Lapidus Central Square Business Association 
Morris Naggar 3MJ Realty
Heather Nelson Resident
Ahmed Nur Planning Board/Resident
Patrick Rowe MIT
Loryn Sheffner Resident
Michael Simon Central Property Owner
Saul Tannenbaum Resident
Gail Willett Resident

Please note that this is a committee formed to advise City staff and consultants as part of the K2C2 planning study and is distinct from the Central Square Advisory Committee that is responsible for review of development projects in Central Square.

For More Information

For more information about the K2C2 study, please contact Iram Farooq at ifarooq@cambridgema.gov or 617/349-4606.