Special Permit Privately Owned Public Spaces

A number of the Special Permit decisions issued by the Cambridge Planning Board require the permit holder to make privately owned open space available for public use. These spaces are sometimes referred to as Privately Owned Public Space (POPS).

The requirements for open space required by special permit is customized to fit the conditions and location of the property and proposed development. The public rights and the rules regulating the use of these spaces also differ from site to site. Requirements “run with the property” and apply to both the developer and future property owners. Please note that these spaces are all privately maintained.  If you have concerns about the condition or operation of the property please contact the property manager.

The following is a list of completed special permit development projects that provide private open spaces for public use. The table includes both maps showing the location of the open space and a link to the decision requiring provision of the space by the developer and future property owners. Other special permit projects in the development pipeline include open space requirements, and the list will be updated as additional projects reach completion.

Map Decision
1 Map Decision
20 Map Decision
65 Map Decision
78 Map Decision
79 Map Decision
141 Map Decision
150 Map Decision
151A Map Decision
164 Map Decision
179 Map Decision
180 Map Decision
231 Map Decision
243 Map Decision

Other Privately Owned Public Spaces

Several other Privately Owned Public Spaces exist in Cambridge that were created through other types of land use regulation.  These include:

For More Information

For more information please contact Swaathi Joseph at 617/349-4668 or sjoseph@cambridgema.gov.