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Registration of Measuring Device for Business

If you a Cambridge Business obtains a new measuring device or begins offering a new service based on weight or measure, they must register device(s) with the Cambridge Sealer of Weights & Measures.

Weights and Measures617-349-6133

Request a DVD

Request a DVD of programming produced by 22-CityView.


Request a Fire Detail Service

The Fire Department requires a paid fire detail for all hot work performed indoors and/or on the exterior structure of all occupied buildings.

Cambridge Fire617-349-4900

Resident and Visitor Parking Permits

Resident Parking Permits allow Cambridge residents to park their vehicles, including motorcycles, at locations throughout the City which are posted "Permit Parking Only." Visitor Parking Permits allow people visiting a Cambridge resident to park near the resident's home during their visit.

Traffic, Parking, and Transportation617-349-4700

Residential Exemption

Application for the Residential Exemption must be filed within 3 months after the date the Tax Bill was sent.


River Festival Participant or Vendor Registration

Food and arts and crafts vendors are invited to apply to participate in the annual Cambridge Arts River Festival, held the first Saturday in June

Cambridge Arts617-349-4380

Sale of Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm inspection is required when a dwelling is being sold.

Cambridge Fire617-349-4900

Schedule a Marriage Ceremony

A marriage ceremony at Cambridge City Hall can be arranged through the City Clerk's Office.

City Clerk's Office617-349-4260

Schedule a tour of the Water Department

Arrange a tour or presentations by Cambridge Water Department operational staff.

Water Department617-349-4770

Seasonal Labor Lottery Program

There are a limited number of 40 hour, 9 week seasonal laborer assignments open to current Cambridge residents.

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