Sennott Park Renovation Project

Design of updated Sennott Park


As of September 27, 2021, the City's contractor started construction of planned renovations to Sennott Park. The playground, basketball courts, and a portion of the field are closed to the public. The City will leave approximately ¾-acre of the field open to the public during construction to allow access to a portion of this important neighborhood park.

Key components of the project will include:

  • A fully renewed playground designed to encourage movement and creative, collaborative play
  • An extended path to form a loop around the field
  • Significant tree plantings and an improved field drainage system
  • A new fitness station, renovated basketball courts, and an enhanced waterplay area

The City worked with the contractor to phase the project to allow portions of this important neighborhood open space to remain accessible during the construction period. The first phase of work will keep approximately ¾-acre of the field open to the public while the playground and basketball courts are under construction. The remaining field work will commence once the playground and courts are completed and reopened. The entire renovation project is expected to be completed by fall 2023. 

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The City's approach to planning and designing public spaces is guided by its Healthy Parks and Playgrounds goals, which include designing a network of parks and playgrounds so that they provide a diverse range of integrated play environments that collectively serve a full range of age groups and interests.

The vicinity around Sennott Park includes several small playgrounds and schoolyards, as well as medium sized parks with a variety of recreational facilities and play amenities, such as Clement G. Morgan Park and Green-Rose Heritage Park.

Virtual Open Houses

The project team held two virtual open houses in February 2020 to discuss the project with community members, solicit feedback, and answer questions.

Park Design Objectives

  • Build community: Design beautiful, inspiring places where people will want to gather, linger, and enjoy.
  • Build great places: Design each park so that it will be a unique place. This involves not only choosing equipment, but also designing the surroundings, setting, and total environment.
  • Design parks for everyone: Design parks that have intergenerational appeal, that serve a broad range of age groups and interests.
  • Balance passive and active recreation: Achieve the appropriate balance between passive and active uses; between spaces that allow for more flexible use, and spaces that feature specific equipment, for specific activities.
  • Integrate the natural environment: Incorporate many of the ideas expressed in the City’s Healthy Parks and Playground initiative, including greater reliance on natural materials, designing for seasonal interest, creating more durable landscapes, plantings, that can withstand active use.


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For information about park maintenance, reservations for events, and athletic field permits, please visit the Permits and Maintenance page on our website.

For more information, contact Daniel Wolf, Neighborhood Planner, at 617/349-4618 or by email at