Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning

Conserve Energy

Climate Change is caused primarily by the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane that accumulate in the atmosphere.  The City has a number of initiatives to reduce Cambridge's contribution to atmospheric greenhouse gases through energy efficiency projects in buildings, renewable energy (e.g., solar), reduced reliance on automobiles, and other measures.  Unfortunately, scientists tell us that greenhouse gases have built up in the atmosphere to the point that some degree of climate change is now unavoidable.  And we are starting to see climate disruptions that back up that view.  As a result, it is clear that steps need to be taken to make communities more resilient and adaptable to climate change impacts such as increased temperatures, more extreme storms, and storm surge flooding.

The City has begun to assess Cambridge's vulnerabilities to climate change and will follow the assessment by preparing a climate change adaptation/resilience plan.

The Getting to Net Zero Task Force is charged with advancing the goal of putting Cambridge on the trajectory towards becoming a “net zero community”, with focus on carbon emissions from building operations. A committee comprised of residents, community advocates, business and property owners, developers and representatives of local universities is guiding this process.

For More Information

For more information contact John Bolduc, Environmental Planner, at or 617/349-4628.