Low Carbon Energy Supply Strategy

Find Your Solar Potential

In an effort to help slow the rate and extent of climate impacts, the City has committed to the The Net Zero Action Plan, which aims to cut energy demand significantly and replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. The Net Zero Action Plan provides a pathway to make Cambridge carbon neutral by 2050, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions citywide.The Low Carbon Energy Supply Strategy is the first step to carbon neutrality for the energy we use.

The City of Cambridge engaged a consultant team led by Ramboll to undertake a Low Carbon Energy Supply Strategy study in support of the City’s commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. The purpose of the study was to determine current and future energy demand, assess the potential for renewable energy generation in Cambridge, develop technical scenarios for renewable energy delivery systems, and evaluate the risks, benefits, and feasibility of each scenario along with discussion of potential implementation pathways.

Be Part of Cambridge's Clean Energy Revolution

Have you ever thought about where your electricity comes from when you turn on the light? How about the fuel needed to keep your house warm all winter long? Energy is essential to keeping the lights on and keeping us comfortable, but energy production can also have negative impacts like greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of pollution.

Current Energy Use in Cambridge

The majority of the energy used to power our homes currently comes from fossil fuels like natural gas. To decarbonize our energy supply, we need to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources like solar and wind.


Sources of Energy in Cambridge

To achieve a fully renewable energy supply, Cambridge will have to rely on resources both within and outside the City.


Moving Towards Renewable Energy

In order to reach our target we must work with renewable energy on several levels.


How Do We Decarbonize the Energy Supply?

To decarbonize is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide–a primary greenhouse gas–released into the atmosphere as a result of energy supply.


Timeline for the Low Carbon Energy Supply Strategy