Neighborhood Demographics

Neighborhood Demographic Profile

The City of Cambridge is divided into thirteen well defined neighborhoods, each with a distinct identity and demographic characteristics.

Seeking key indicators of neighborhood change, the City arranged for the US Census to conduct special tabulations of the City's thirteen planning areas following the 1980, 1990 and 2000 censuses. The Bureau recompiled census data derived from the long form survey to conform with neighborhood boundaries and to provide a statistical picture of each of the thirteen neighborhoods. A portion of this data from 1980 through 2000 is organized into a single document.

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Detailed Neighborhood Census Reports

The following documents were produced under the auspices of specialized programs following both the 1980 and 1990 U. S. Census. No equivalent report exists from the 2000  or 2010 U. S. Census. Due to Census Bureau procedures to protect the confidentiality of individuals, certain data was suppressed from the 1980 and 1990 reports.  Please review the notes found in the introduction to the Neighborhood Demographic Profile for details.

Please note that both documents are scanned copies of paper originals. As a consequence, legibility varies from fair to poor. You may want to read these documents while viewing them at 200% magnification in Acrobat viewer. Paper copies are available upon request at no charge.

2010 Census Neighborhood Information

Neighborhood data from the 2010 Census covering the topics of population size, housing stock size, population under 18, population 18 or older, and population by race and Hispanic origin can be found in the Preliminary Analysis of 2010 Census Data.

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2010 Census Neighborhood Maps

Neighborhood Housing Data

Neighborhood statistical information about median housing sales prices and the condominium housing stock is found in the Housing Market Profile.

For More Information

For more information about socioeconomic and demographic statistics about Cambridge, please contact Cliff Cook,, Planning Information Manager, at 617/349-4656.