For Renters of Inclusionary Units

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Inclusionary units are located in privately owned buildings throughout the city. Tenants who reside in these units participate in the Inclusionary Housing Program (IHP), which is administered by the Housing Division. Tenants are subject to the terms of their lease and the rules and regulations of the buildings in which they live. Tenants are approved and offered units through the IHP after the City determines eligibly and building owners or managers have approved their application.

Tenants sign a twelve-month lease with the owner or property manager of each building. Tenants also sign the IHP Lease Addendum which outlines the requirements of the Inclusionary Housing Program. Tenants with rental vouchers sign documents provided by their subsidizing agency (e.g. the Cambridge Housing Authority). Tenants do not sign leases directly with the City.

A tenant's housing payment will be set at 30% of tenant's gross income. The housing payment will include both rent and utility payments. Where tenants pay utilities, an adjustment in the rent is made based on allowances for those utilities paid by directly the tenant. In buildings where fees are charged for parking, the City also determines the parking fee for tenants in IHP units.

Continued occupancy is subject to an annual recertification of household income and continued eligibility for the IHP. To recertify eligibility, tenants receive a recertification packet from the property manger several months before their lease expires. Through this, the property manager requests updated income and other household information. Tenants are required to provide this information with all supporting documentation to the property manager who reviews and then forwards this information to the City. The City reviews the packet to determine eligibly and determine the rent for the next lease period based on the information provided. A letter is sent to both the tenant and property manager with the rent for the new lease period. The tenant and the property manager then enter into a new twelve-month lease with the new rent.

Tenants with housing vouchers work with their subsidizing agency for their annual income recertification, and continued occupancy is subject to the policies and guidelines of each subsidizing agency.

For More Information

For questions concerning your lease, your IHP unit, and policies of your building, please contact the property manager of your building.

For more information about recertification, rent, and other issues related to the Inclusionary Housing Program, please contact or call 617/349-4622.