Green Ribbon Open Space Study

Green Ribbon report cover

In February 1999, the City Manager appointed the 17-member Green Ribbon Open Space Committee to develop criteria to guide the City's acquisition of additional open space. The Committee, with assistance from the Community Development Department and representatives from the City Manager's Office, the Recreation Division and the Department of Public Works, analyzed open space needs and developed recommendations for expanding and improving the city's open space system.

The results of the Committee's deliberations are found in the Report of the Green Ribbon Open Space Committee.

Please note that the figures in the final report were subsequently updated to reflect the results of the 2010 U.S. Census. The original figures (based on the 1990 Census) are also available for download below.

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Report of the Green Ribbon Open Space Committee, 2000

Download Original Maps From 1990 Census

Fig. 2-3 Cambridge Population Density (1990)
Fig. 2-4 Cambridge Children 13 or Younger (1990)
Fig. 2-5 Cambridge Children 14 to 18 Years Old (1990)
Fig. 2-6 Cambridge Low and Moderate Income Households (1990)
Fig. 3-1 Open Space per 1,000 Persons (1990)


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