The Port Action Plan

left half of the image is a logo for the Neighborhood Planning Initiative. Right half of the image is a photo of Sennott Park. Text along the bottom of the graphic reads: "Happening Now: An Action Plan for The Port".

What Does and Action Plan Mean for The Port?

It has been 13 years since the last neighborhood plan was done for The Port. A lot has changed since then! The Port Action Plan is all about hearing from you - what you value most about your neighborhood and what ideas you have to make it better. Throughout 2024 there will be many opportunities to share your thoughts with City staff and your neighbors. Sign up for The Port mailing list below or keep an eye on this web page for more information on ways to be involved! 

Click here to sign up for The Port email list.Connect with your neighborhood planner at City Hall! Contact Lev McCarthy at or 617-349-9164.

Latest Updates

Check back here for the most recent updates, news, and announcements for The Port Action Plan.

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Office Hours

Sign up for virtual office hours to chat one-on-one with your neighborhood planner, Lev McCarthy. 

What Other Neighborhoods Are Doing Action Plans 2023?

The City is working on action plans for three neighborhoods every year. If your neighborhood isn't currently active, it will be soon! Visit the Neighborhood Planning Initiative webpage to learn more about the process, timeline, and ways to engage. 

Where Can I Learn More About My Neighborhood?

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The Port
Neighborhood Page

A page from The Port statistical profile

Neighborhood Snapshots

 2010 The Port (formerly Area Four)
Neighborhood Study Update

A page from The Port statistical profile

The Port
Statistical Profile

For More Information

For more information contact Neighborhood Planner Lev McCarthy at or 617-349-9164.