Other Permitting Resources

CDD administers certain types of permitting related to real estate development, including Planning Board Special Permits and Sign Certification. Proposed developments may also be subject to related related requirements concerning Enery Efficient Construction, Inclusionary Housing, and and Parking and Transportation Demand Management.  However, depending on the specific details of the proposed project, other city departments may require consultation and other city-issued permits might be required.

The following provides links to other departments that may be involved in development permitting. CDD staff are available to discuss projects and advise on what other departments should be consulted.


Permits Issued

Inspectional Services Department Building permits, certificates of occupancy, Board of Zoning Appeal variances and special permits, building code enforcement
Conservation Commission Wetlands and other environmental permitting
Historical Commission Review of alterations to historic structures, including proposed demolition
License Commission Licensing of businesses including restaurants, alcoholic beverage sales, dormitories and lodging houses, transportation services, commercial parking lots and garages

More Permitting Information

To learn more about the various permits issued by city departments and get access to downloadable application forms for may permits go to the Permitting Resources page.