Remote Planning Board Meetings

PLEASE NOTE: Planning Board meetings are being held remotely in accordance with Chapter 107 of the Acts of 2022, signed into law on July 16, 2022. Members of the public can view the meeting online or on cable television within Cambridge, provide comments by 5:00 P.M. the day before the meeting to, and attend virtually online or by telephone.

Check the Meeting Agenda on the Open Meeting Portal for updated meeting information and links to attend virtually. For more information, call the Community Development Department at 617-349-4668.

How to Find Meeting Materials

Materials to be reviewed and discussed by the Planning Board – including application materials, project plans, and staff reports – can be found in a few ways:

How to Send Written Comments

Send an e-mail to Address your comments to the Planning Board and identify the agenda item (by title, case number, or address) in the subject line. E-mail is preferred, but comments may also be mailed to Cambridge Planning Board, 344 Broadway, Third Floor, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Written comments received by 5:00 P.M. the day before the meeting will be considered by Board Members in advance of the meeting. E-mailing comments at least 5 days in advance is preferred so that Board Members have more time to review.

How to Watch the Meeting

If you do not want to comment in real time during the meeting, there are two ways to watch:

  • Stream Online: Visit the City Meeting Video Link. The live video link will appear once the meeting has started.
  • Cable Television: Tune to Channel 22 within Cambridge at the time of the meeting.

How to Participate/Comment in Real Time (ONLY IF MEETING IS BEING HELD REMOTELY)

To attend the meeting virtually by computer and/or telephone:

  1. Select the meeting date from the Open Meeting Portal to open the Agenda.
  2. Use the link to “Register for Zoom Webinar,” either before or during the meeting.
  3. Check your e-mail for instructions to join the meeting by computer and/or telephone. If you don’t see it at first, check your “junk” or “spam” folder.

To comment in real time:

  • Be sure that your computer has a working microphone and speakers. If not, you can listen and speak by telephone. The registration e-mail will have instructions.
  • For Public Hearing agenda items, public comment will be heard. For General Business agenda items, the Board will decide whether or not to hear public comment.
  • Your sound will be muted until it is time for public comment. The Meeting Chair will announce when public comment is about to start.
  • Select “Raise Hand” to speak during public comment time. You can find the “Raise Hand” icon at the bottom of your Zoom screen. If you are calling by phone, press *9 to raise your hand
  • When it is your turn, staff will read your name, then ask you to say your name and address to confirm you can be heard.
  • The Meeting Chair will say how much time each speaker has. Generally, you will have up to 3 minutes to speak, but that might change based on the number of speakers.
  • Address all comments to the Meeting Chair.
  • You may only speak once on each agenda item, unless the Board decides to take additional comment.

If you do not have a computer or e-mail address to register for the Zoom Webinar, please call Swaathi Joseph at 617-349-4668.


Contact Swaathi Joseph at