Planning Board Special Permits

This page contains digital copies of application materials, supporting documents, hearing notices, and decisions for Planning Board special permit cases. View an interactive map of special permit cases

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Case Number Location / Name Status Latest Meeting
PB-346 23 May Street Under Review 4/23/2019
PB-303 Multiple Sites, South of Main Street, Kendall Square
(MIT Kendall Square "SoMa" PUD)
In Development 4/23/2019
PB-296 57 JFK Street
(Crimson Galleria Office Addition)
Special Permit Granted 4/23/2019
PB-241 St.James Church Special Permit Granted 4/23/2019
PB-315 Parcels along Broadway, Binney Street, Ames Street and Main Street
(MXD Infill Development Concept Plan)
Under Review 3/12/2019
PB-345 229-231 Third Street
Special Permit Denied 2/26/2019
PB-344 14-16 Jackson Street Special Permit Granted 1/22/2019
PB-066 CambridgeSide Galleria Special Permit Granted 1/8/2019
PB-343 199 Pemberton Street Special Permit Granted 12/18/2018
PB-339 541 Massachusetts Avenue
(Revolutionary Clinics II, Inc. RMD)
Special Permit Granted 12/18/2018
PB-342 200 Monsignor O'Brien Highway
(Ascend Mass, LLC RMD)
Special Permit Granted 11/13/2018
PB-341 78 Holworthy Street Special Permit Granted 10/30/2018
PB-340 624 Massachusetts Avenue
(Amazon Formula Business)
Special Permit Granted 10/30/2018
PB-141 364 Third Street
(Cambridge Research Park)
In Development 9/25/2018
PB-338 50 CambridgePark Drive Special Permit Granted 8/28/2018
PB-336 1043-1059 Cambridge Street Special Permit Granted 8/7/2018
PB-231A 150 Second Street, First Street - Multiple Sites In Development 7/31/2018
PB-179 North Point Development In Development 7/17/2018
PB-337 178 Elm Street Special Permit Granted 6/5/2018
PB-329 3-5 Linnaean Street Special Permit Granted 6/5/2018
PB-243 50, 75, 100, 125 and 225 Binney Street, 161 First Street, and 270 Third Street
(Alexandria PUD)
In Development 5/22/2018
PB-335 47 Dudley Street Special Permit Granted 4/24/2018
PB-009 15 Lilac Court Special Permit Granted 4/17/2018
PB-334 24 Brattle Street
(Abbot Building)
Special Permit Granted 3/27/2018
PB-321 415 Massachusetts Ave. and adjacent lots
(Mass and Main)
Special Permit Granted 3/20/2018
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