Mediation Services

Are you having conflicts with your landlord? Seeking guidance on how to get your condo association more active? Are you having problems with a tenant? Would you like help resolving a dispute with a neighbor? Just-A-Start (JAS) Mediation Services may be able to help with these and many other issues.

The City supports the work of JAS Mediation Services, a professional mediation, dispute resolution and education service program. The service offers an effective way to manage conflict in the area of housing. JAS Mediation Services offers an array of conflict management and educational services that assist in resolving housing disputes.

The mediators and trainers at JAS Mediation Services are full-time, experienced professionals who have extensive professional training and are active in the conflict resolution and housing fields. They have years of collective experience in mediation and training and have served thousands of clients.  

JAS Mediation Services works with a wide range of housing stakeholders in the city:

  • Tenants trying to make sure their apartment is habitable, safe and quiet;
  • Landlords with problems concerning unpaid rent or other lease violations;
  • People who need support in making agreements to help keep them housed;
  • Condominium associations and unit owners;
  • Professionals who work with clients who need help with housing; and, 
  • People facing other housing conflicts and disputes.

JAS Mediation Services can assist with issues including neighbor conflicts, repair and rehab issues, code violations, evictions, payment plans, condominium matters, and dispute resolution.

Housing services are free to low-and moderate income households and owner of rental units housing low and moderate-income tenants. 

For More Information

For more information about JAS Mediation Services, please visit the web site or contact Elizabeth Winston at 617/918-7518, or