Car-Free With Kids

Front bicycle seat

There are lots of options for walking, biking, and taking the bus or subway with kids!


Baby Carriers: Carrying your baby is a great way to get around. You can learn more about choosing the right carrier here.

Strollers: A good stroller is key to a great walking experience. It should be as compact as possible to navigate in small urban spaces. A front/back double stroller is better than a side-by-side model for narrow sidewalks. You can learn more different stroller types here.


Strollers are allowed on subways and buses. Most MBTA buses have low floors to make it easier to get a stroller on a bus. You can use elevators to take a stroller on the subway. Be sure to check for MBTA elevator service alerts or use the MBTA's Trip Planning Tool.

Child Bike Seats

Biking with your kids is a fun way to get around. You can use a front bike seat, rear bike seat, or a trailer. This website describes different carrying options. 

If you're new to cycling, consider starting with your kids on the paths along the Charles River or the Minuteman Trail. You can also plan a trip that takes you on protected bike lanes in Cambridge.

Cargo bikes

European-style cargo bikes (known as Bakfiets in the Netherlands) are becoming more popular in the US. You can see many of them biking the streets of Cambridge!

Teaching Kids to Bicycle

Start by connecting a carrier to your bike, and strapping your child in to go on regular rides. As they grow stronger, move children to bike styles that offer them more independence.

Balance bikes are a great teaching tool to prepare toddlers for bike riding. This REI article is a good guide for helping your child learn to ride.  

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