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The goal of the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program is to increase the number of students who get to and from school by walking or biking. The program supports and encourages safe walking and bicycling to school in order to:

  • Ease traffic congestion generally, and especially around schools during AM/PM peaks
  • Improve air quality around schools
  • Increase physical activity for students and realize cognitive and behavioral benefits
  • Allow the continued growth of a sustainable Cambridge community


The SRTS program offers bicycle and pedestrian education to Cambridge students. Training builds students' traffic safety skills and helps them navigate the city safely by foot or bicycle. In addition, training seeks to teach students why walking and bicycling are good for themselves and the environment. Please check out the following video of a recent on-bike training with 6th grade students at Vassal Lane Upper School:

School Travel in Cambridge

Each year, the SRTS program collects data regarding school travel in Cambridge. Click here to see out how Cambridge students traveled to school in 2015 and 2016.


Starting a Bike to School Train

Start a bike train at your child's school!

Starting a Walking School Bus

Start a Walking School Bus at your child's school!

Tips for living car-free with Kids

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