Yerxa Road Underpass

Yerxa Road Underpass

Yerxa Road Underpass reconstruction is complete.

About the Project

This project improved public safety by completely reconstructing the Yerxa Road underpass that passes beneath the Fitchburg Branch MBTA railroad tracks, which carry commuter rail trains through Cambridge to Porter Square. The project connected the dense residential areas around Walden Square and Richdale Avenue, located on the south side of the tracks, with the #83 MBTA bus on Rindge Avenue and numerous community facilities - the Fitzgerald Elementary School, Bergin Park and Playground, McMath Park, and the Gately Youth Center - located on the north side of the tracks.

Without the Yerxa Road underpass, the closest locations for pedestrians to cross the rail line lie at Walden Street (1,260 feet to the east) and Sherman Street (970 feet to the west). These high volume roads are uninviting to pedestrians, especially younger school age children. Using the underpass, a child living at Walden Square going to school at the Fitzgerald Elementary School has a two-tenths of a mile commute on a quiet residential street. Without the underpass, this child has over one half mile commute, which includes walking along Sherman Street.

Project Plan

The underpass design is fully ADA compliant and safely and comfortably accommodate s both pedestrians and cyclists. The underpass includes a new walkway with lighting, retaining walls, and handrails, plantings, a small seating area, and attractive steel picket fencing along both sides of the railroad right of way to prevent people from crossing the tracks. Click here to view the plan of improvements

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For More Information

For more information about the Yerxa Road Underpass Project contact Katherine Watkins in the Public Works Department, at, or 617/349-4751. The Public Works Department TTY line is 617/349-4805.