Other Available Units


The City of Cambridge accepts applications for the Rental Applicant Pool and Homebuyer Resale Pool on an ongoing basis. These pools are used to find tenants and owners for existing affordable housing units that become vacant. However, there are other rental and ownership units that become available through other programs and housing providers.

New Non-Profit Housing under Development

The City works with local non-profits to support the creation of new affordable housing units. Potential buyers and renters are informed when appropriate units are available. Contact information for these Non-profits can be found here.

Non-Profit Rental Housing

Local non-profits own thousands of affordable rental units throughout Cambridge. If you are interested in learning more about how to apply for these units, please contact the management companies for this housing. Contact information for these management companies can be found here.

Public Housing

The Cambridge Housing Authority owns and manages all public housing in Cambridge. For more information on how to apply for public housing, please visit the Cambridge Housing Authority.

Privately Owned Affordable Housing

There are several privately-owned affordable developments in Cambridge. Each development has its own tenant selection criteria. Please contact the management company for specific requirements. A full list of these developments can be found here.

Limited Equity Coops

There are several limited equity coops in Cambridge. Each of these developments operates under a set of by-laws that determine how new shareholders are selected.  Click here for more information on limited equity coops.

A list of other housing providers can be found here.