Black, Indigenous, People of Color-Owned (BIPOC) Business Advisory Committee


The Black, Indigenous, People of Color-Owned (BIPOC) Business Advisory Committee's main goal is to work with City staff to develop recommendations on how the City can better assist BIPOC-owned businesses.

The Committee will be a sounding board for ideas on strengthening the city’s outreach efforts, information-sharing, business programs and policies, and overall relationship with local BIPOC-owned businesses. The goal is for the Committee to include representatives from local businesses and institutions. It is anticipated that the Committee will meet approximately once a month for 8-12 months, though it may convene more often at critical junctures of the process and is likely to meet an estimated eight to ten times throughout the year.

View the current membership of the BIPOC Business Advisory Committee on the Open Meeting Portal.

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Meeting dates and materials

PLEASE NOTE: Meetings will be held remotely in accordance with Section 20 of Chapter 20 of the Acts of 2021, signed into law on June 16, 2021. Members of the public can attend the meeting virtually through Zoom Webinar. Members of the public can also provide comments in writing or via email before the meeting.

Date  Agenda  Meeting Notes  Handouts/Links
October 18, 2021 Agenda October Meeting Notes
November 15, 2021 Agenda   November Meeting Notes
December 6, 2021  Agenda  December Meeting Notes
 January 24, 2022 Agenda  January Meeting Notes 

Presentation on the BIPOC-Owned Businesses Survey Results

 February 28, 2022 Agenda February Meeting Notes 
 March 28, 2022 Agenda  March Meeting Notes

Presentation on the BIPOC-owned Business Survey Results and Draft Recommendations

 April 25, 2022 Agenda  April Meeting Notes  
 June 27, 2022 Agenda  June Meeting Notes  

June BIPOC Business Advisory Committee Presentation - Recommendations Timeline

 July 18, 2022 [CANCELED] Agenda CANCELED  Please note this meeting has been canceled.
 April 10, 2023 Agenda   April Meeting Notes



 June 12, 2023 Agenda  June 2023 Meeting Notes 

BIPOC Business Advisory Supplier Diversity Efforts Update June 2023

 November 14, 2023 Agenda  November 2023 Meeting Notes


 February 6, 2024 Agenda   February 2024 Meeting Notes  Disparity Study Presentation BIPOC Committee_020624

For More Information

For more information about the BIPOC Business Advisory Committee, please email Allyson Allen at