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Name Dept Title Phone Email
Mallon, Alanna City Council City Councillor 617-349-4280
McCabe, Mark Animal Commission Director 617-349-4376
Semonoff, Ellen Human Service Programs Assistant City Manager for Human Services 617-349-6200
Allen, Betsy Equity & Inclusion Director of Equity and Inclusion 617-349-4331
Corr, Brian Police Review & Advisory Board Executive Secretary 617-349-6155
Weeks, Jason Cambridge Arts Executive Director 617-349-4380
Farooq, Iram Community Development Assistant City Manager for Community Development 617-349-4600
DePasquale, Louis City Manager's Office City Manager 617-349-4300
Kelley, Craig City Council City Councillor 617-349-4280
Lindsay, Jr., Calvin 22-CityView Director 617-349-4296
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