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Name Dept Title Phone Email
Hart, Mary Information Technology Director 617-349-3208
Speakman, Elizabeth Domestic and Gender Based Violence Prevention Initiative Executive Director of Initiative on Domestic and Gender Based Violence 617-349-3290
Bard, Jr., Branville G. Cambridge Police Police Commissioner 617-349-3300
Gianetti, Lee City Manager's Office Director of Communications and Community Relations 617-349-3317
Simpson, Jennifer Law Public Records Access Officer 6173494121
Glowa, Nancy Law City Solicitor 617-349-4121
Kale, David Budget Assistant City Manager for Fiscal Affairs 617-349-4220
Monagle, James Auditing City Auditor 617-349-4240
Lopez, Donna P. City Clerk's Office City Clerk 617-349-4260
, City Council Executive Assistant to the City Council 617-349-4280
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