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City of Cambridge

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City Council at citycouncil@cambridgema.gov

City Manager at citymanager@cambridgema.gov

Public Information Office at PIO@cambridgema.gov

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Name Dept Title Phone Email
Mahoney, Gerard E. Cambridge Fire Acting Fire Chief 617-349-4900 gmahoney@cambridgefire.org
Farooq, Iram Community Development Assistant City Manager for Community Development 617-349-4600 cddat344@cambridgema.gov
Kale, David Budget Assistant City Manager for Fiscal Affairs 617-349-4220 treasurer@cambridgema.gov
Kale, David Finance Assistant City Manager for Fiscal Affairs 617-349-9478 treasurer@cambridgema.gov
Semonoff, Ellen Human Service Programs Assistant City Manager for Human Services 617-349-6200 askdhsp@cambridgema.gov
Jennings, Taha City Manager's Office Assistant to the City Manager 617-349-4302 tjennings@cambridgema.gov
Murati Ferrer, Nicole License Chairperson 617-349-6140 license@cambridgema.gov
Monagle, James Auditing City Auditor 617-349-4240 jmonagle@cambridgema.gov
Lopez, Donna P. City Clerk's Office City Clerk 617-349-4260 dlopez@cambridgema.gov
Mallon, Alanna City Council City Councillor 617-349-4280 amallon@cambridgema.gov

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