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Name Dept Title Phone Email
Allen, Betsy Equity & Inclusion Director of Equity and Inclusion 617-349-4331
Kale, David Finance Assistant City Manager for Fiscal Affairs 617-349-9478
Sullivan, Charles M. Historical Commission Executive Director 617-349-4683
Schlacter, Nancy Human Rights Commission Executive Director 617-349-4396
Semonoff, Ellen Human Service Programs Assistant City Manager for Human Services 617-349-6200
Singanayagam, Ranjit Inspectional Services Commissioner 617-349-6100
Glowa, Nancy Law City Solicitor 617-349-4121
Simpson, Jennifer Law Public Records Access Officer 6173494121
Murati Ferrer, Nicole License Chairperson 617-349-6140
Corr, Brian Peace Commission Executive Director 617-349-4694
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