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Name Dept Title Phone Email
, City Council Executive Assistant to the City Council 617-349-4280
Allen, Betsy Equity & Inclusion Director of Equity and Inclusion 617-349-4331
Bard, Jr., Branville G. Cambridge Police Police Commissioner 617-349-3300
Barr, Joseph E. Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Director 617-349-4700
Carlone, Dennis J. City Council City Councillor 617-349-4280
Carvello, Maryellen City Manager's Office Office Manager 617-349-4301
Cassidy, Jr., James Weights and Measures City Sealer 617-349-6133
Corda, Sam Water Department Managing Director 617-349-4770
Corr, Brian Peace Commission Executive Director 617-349-4694
Corr, Brian Police Review & Advisory Board Executive Secretary 617-349-6155
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