New and Current Bicycle Projects

The City of Cambridge continually evaluates locations where large and small scale bicycle infrastructure improvements can be made to increase safety and meet our Vision Zero goals. This page highlights bicycle facility improvement projects completed in 2021, but it is not an exhaustive summary of all bicycle improvements. For older completed bicycle facility projects, click here.

Click on an image below for a larger picture of that project. For descriptions on the different types of bicycle facilities, click here. For a map view of the City's current and planned bicycle facilities, click here.

By the Numbers
Updated January 2022

In the past year, 4.08 miles of bicycle facilities and markings have been added in Cambridge, bringing the total to 101.70 miles. For a breakdown of length by facility type, see the table below. Click on the chart to see the City's bicycle facilities growth from 2004-2020.

Facility Type  Length (Miles) 
Bike Path/Multi-use Path 36.49
Bike Lane 34.18
Separated Bike Lane 7.54
Grade-separated Bike Lane 4.86
Two-way Separated Bike Lane 1.86
Buffered Bike Lane


Contraflow Bike Lane 0.50
Bus/Bike Lane 0.66
Shared Lane Markings 13.26
Shared Street 0.41
Total 101.70

 Bicycle Facilities Graph 2020 

Bicycle Facility Improvements New in 2021

Separated Bike Lanes

Photo of a new grade separated bike lane on Galileo Galilei WayGalileo Galilei Way looking north from Broadway
Photo of a new separated bike lane on Mass Ave between Plympton Street and Bow StreetMass Ave westbound between Plympton and Bow
Photograph with a separated bicycle and pedestrian path passing underneath a road bridge through a forested areaCambridge Watertown Greenway passing under Huron Ave
Photograph with three car lanes and a red truck on the left, flexible dividers in the center, and a bike lane with a cyclist riding their bike on the rightMass Ave northbound between Cambridge Stand Waterhouse St
A photograph of a one way street coming down a hill with parked cars on the far left, a vehicle lane with a lime green bicycle icon in the center, yellow flexible dividers on the right, and a separated bike lane on the far right headed in the opposite direction
DeWolfe St/Bow St/Quincy St contraflow northbound from Harvard St to Broadway

Bike Lanes

A photograph of a one-way residential street with houses and parked cars at left and a sidewalk and marked bike lane on the right
Ellery St northbound from Mass Ave to Broadway
 Photograph of a one way road with cars parked on the left, a lane with bike markings in the center, and a single lane for car traffic on the rightHarvard Street westbound from Bow St to Mass Ave

Shared Lane Markings

Photograph of a one-way residential street with a lime green rectangle and white bike icon painted in the middle. A postal worker is using a crosswalk at a raised intersection in the background.Dudley St westbound from Clifton St to Cedar St


For More Information

For more information about bicycling in Cambridge, please contact Cara Seiderman at or 617/349-4629.