Bicycle WikiMap

Do you have a comment, concern, or suggestion related to bicycling in Cambridge? Check out the Cambridge Bicycle WikiMap!

Through this online WikiMap tool, Cambridge residents, workforce, commuters, and visitors can provide feedback, input, and suggestions on how our city streets and paths can better support bikers. We are particularly interested in hearing about:

  • Places that you think work well
  • Places that are particular barriers
  • Places that you feel are priorities for the broad range of users – those of all ages and abilities.

Additional Resources

NOTE: The Bicycle WikiMap is not for reporting maintenance issues, comments on bicycle racks, or Bluebikes stations. Please see the following for those resources:


As part of the Cambridge Bicycle Plan process, the city collected over 2,000 public comments on bicycling in Cambridge to identify areas that needed attention and areas that work well. That input helped to inform the Bicycle Plan as well as identify and prioritize action items.

One of the Next Step Initiatives from the Bicycle Plan was the creation of an ongoing WikiMap tool to continue collecting information and ideas. Additionally, all previous comments collected for the Bicycle Plan have been saved and categorized, and continue to inform city bicycle planning decision making.

For More Information

For technical questions about the WikiMap, contact

For other questions related to bicycle planning, contact Cara Seiderman at 617/349-4629 or