Bike FAQ

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding bicycling in Cambridge. If you do not find your question answered here or elsewhere on the website, and for more information, please contact Cara Seiderman,, at 617/349-4629.

How can I ask for more bike racks in a particular area?

To request new bike racks on public property, you can log an issue directly on this map, or visit SeeClickFix, the Commonwealth Connect citizen reporting platform
. Please note that sites for bike racks can be limited on narrow sidewalks.

How can I report street defects and potholes?

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the repair or reconstruction of streets and sidewalks in order to ensure that all public right of ways are safe and accessible at all times.

If you would like to report a street or sidewalk defect, please submit a report through Commonwealth Connect, and provide the street address closest to the issue.

For street or sidewalk defects, you can call the Operations Center at 617/349-4800 or 617/349-4846. To report potholes, please call the pothole hotline at 617/349-4854. Please leave your name, phone number and the address of the defect.

What are the traffic laws and regulations governing bicycling in Cambridge?

In general, bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists when traveling on the public ways in Massachusetts. There are a few differences, such as those surrounding bicycling on sidewalks; using lights at night; and wearing helmets (see below for links). Bicyclists have the right to travel on all public ways except limited access highways.

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Do you have any advice for getting around Cambridge without a car?

We sure do!  CitySmart is a program that helps you get around town without getting behind the wheel. Check out this page for all the information you'll need to have a great trip around town.

Am I allowed to bicycle on the sidewalk?

State law permits bicyclists to travel on sidewalks in the interest of safety except:

In general, it is more appropriate and prudent to bicycle in the street, and Cambridge is making every effort to making the city streets safe and comfortable for bicycling. However, it is recognized that there are times when sidewalk riding will be used, for example, with young children. Cambridge traffic regulations require that bicyclists on sidewalks travel at a walking speed and yield to pedestrians.

Sidewalk riding is not permitted in the business districts of Harvard Square, Central Square, Porter Square, Inman Square, Huron Avenue, and sections of Mass. Ave. north of Harvard Square

Go to Maps of Districts.

What types of lights do I need on my bike and when do I need to use them?

Massachusetts law requires bicyclists to use a white front light from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. Visibility is a critical matter for bicyclists. Nearly half of all cycling deaths nationally involve cyclists riding at night without lights, although only 3% of biking occurs after dark. It is important for cyclists to understand that front lights are important primarily so that other travelers can see them. Reflectors alone do not make a bicycle visible at night. Light from a reflector bounces directly back to where it came from, so reflectors are of no use when car headlights are not pointed directly at the bike. Only a front light makes the bicycle visible to pedestrians, to drivers about to open a car door into the street, and to drivers who are backing up.

The law also requires a red rear light or reflector and reflectors on the pedals or reflective material on the rider’s ankles. Lights are strongly encouraged on the back of the bicycle, as these provide stronger visibility.

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What are the laws about wearing helmets?

Massachusetts law requires any person 16 years old or younger riding a bicycle to wear a helmet.

How can I register my bike?

Bicycle registration is no longer provided by the Cambridge Police Department. Instead, the Police Department recommends that individuals take steps to document their bicycles in the following ways:

  • Document your bicycle's serial number
  • Take a photo of your bicycle
  • Document the make/model/color of your bicycle. 

Visit How to Register a Bike for more information.

How can I get a “Watch for Bikes” sticker?

The City of Cambridge distributes “Watch for Bikes” decals to put on the side and/or rear view mirrors of cars, to remind drivers to Watch for Bikes when turning and opening car doors. You can get one by sending an email to or calling 617/349-4604.

Where am I allowed to park my bicycle?

Bicycles are permitted to park on a bicycle rack or street sign pole, against a building, or on another facility specifically intended for that purpose. Under no circumstances shall a bicycle obstruct the pedestrian path of travel or handicap access ramps. A parked bicycle must leave at least a 36-inch obstruction-free path of travel. Bicycles are not permitted to be parked to: fire hydrants, hand railings, benches, trees, trash receptacles, disability sign poles, and parking meters.

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Is there a limit to how long a bicycle is permitted to be parked on the sidewalk/public way?

Time limits for bicycle parking apply in the city’s designated business districts: Harvard and Central Squares.  In these districts, bicycles are permitted to be parked for 72 hours (3 days), after which they may be tagged. See maps of the districts for exact streets that are included:

Harvard Square

Central Square

Once a bicycle is tagged, an owner will have 72 hours (3 days) to remove it, or it may be taken by DPW and stored for a minimum of 30 days prior to disposal. There is no time limit in other parts of the city.

How can I report an abandoned bike?

If you see a bicycle on public property that appears to be abandoned – not used, in dysfunctional condition – you can report it to the DPW at 617/349-4800 or submit a report online through Commonwealth Connect. In order to be removed, the bicycle must meet the legal definition of being abandoned. (see below) DPW will tag it and remove it, after which it will be held at DPW for a minimum of 30 days prior to disposal.  

Section 12.9: Bicycle Parking on the Public Way


A bicycle with one or more of the following defects that can be removed by the City of Cambridge Public Works Department for public safety and maintenance purposes:

(a) No tires or wheels

(b) Have warped wheels or frame

(c) Missing, rusted or broken chain in such a state that renders the bicycle inoperative.

(d) Missing or warped handle bars

How can I report a damaged bike rack?

The Traffic Engineering Division maintains most bike racks on public property, including public sidewalks and parks. If you have seen a bike rack that is damaged, bent, loose, missing, twisted or has been vandalized, please report it to, call 617/349-4700 or submit a report online through Commonwealth Connect.

My bicycle is gone from where I parked it. What do I do?

You can call two places: the Department of Public Works (DPW), 617/349-4800 or the Police Department, 617/349-3204. If you think your bicycle may have been taken by DPW because you left it parked illegally (e. g., attached to a bench or tree) or because it was left in a business district for a long time, try DPW first. If you think it more likely that it was stolen, and that none of the above apply, contact the Police Department. Retrieving your bicycle in either case will be much easier if registered.

Go to Registration Information.

How can I get more information about bicycle parking on private property?

What are the zoning requirements for providing bicycle parking?

Bicycle parking is required in most new projects and renovations for commercial and multi-unit residential buildings. Zoning covers how many racks are required, what design they must have, and how they must be placed.

The Bicycle Parking Guide provides all of the information you should need. 

How can I find the best route for my trip?

The following web sites have maps and route information that may help you identify good travel routes by bicycle in the Boston/Cambridge area:

Go to MassBike

Go to

Where are there off-road bicycle/multi-use paths in the area?

Go to Map of Bicycle Facilities in Cambridge

There are two major regional bicycle paths that are in Cambridge and connect to neighboring communities:

Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path

Minuteman Commuter Bikeway

How can I get information about roadway construction?

Information about major projects that are under development or construction can be found at: 

Go to Construction Updates

For construction information you may also call: 617/349-4863

How does Cambridge accommodate bicyclists during roadway construction?

According to City policy, bicycle movement must be maintained during construction and other projects that disrupt travel. Guidelines for accommodating bicyclists are included in construction contracts and contractors are briefed about the best techniques for accommodating bicycles during construction.

Bicycle Accommodations During Construction Projects

How can I report a missing or broken sign?

To report a sign that is missing, vandalized, faded, illegible, twisted, damaged, pointing or facing in wrong direction, call the Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department at 617/349-4700 or submit a report online through Commonwealth Connect.

How can I report a problem with a traffic signal?

To report an issue with a traffic signal, submit a report online through Commonwealth Connect.

How do I report a bad driver?

To complain about a driver who drove so as to endanger you, whether through extreme carelessness or malevolence, send a letter describing the incident with the license plate number to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, Office of Driver Control, PO Box 199150, Boston, MA 02119-9150.

How do I report traffic-related problems such as double parking?

If you would like to report a specific or general problem, you can contact the following divisions. It is helpful if you can identify the exact location(s), such as with nearby street addresses:

Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department Enforcement Division 617/349-4731

Cambridge Police Department Traffic Unit 617/349-3307 

How do I report an accident/crash?

Where can I find bicycle advocacy organizations?

Where can I find a bike shop in Cambridge?

Listed below are bicycle shops in Cambridge. This list is for informational purposes only; the City does not endorse private enterprises.

Bicycle Belle
368 Beacon St. Somerville

Broadway Bicycle School, Ltd.
351 Broadway

Cambridge Bicycle
259 Mass. Ave.

Cambridge Used Bicycles
201 Msgr. O'Brien Highway

Trek Bicycle Cambridge
176 Alewife Brook Pkwy