Reporting Vehicles Blocking Bike Lanes

How Do I Report Traffic-Related Problems Such as Double Parking?

If you are confronted with a hazard, the best thing to do is report the issue immediately so that the issue can be dealt with as it is happening. Call either:

  • Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department Enforcement Division (during business hours) 617/349-4731
  • Cambridge Police Department (non-emergency number, available 24/7) 617/349-3300

A description of the vehicle and license plate if possible, along with the location/address, will be useful.

You may call at any time if you would like to report a general problem. Time(s) of day that you encounter the problem along with specific locations is most helpful.

Commonwealth Connect

Bike lane obstructions can be reported through Commonwealth Connect. Reporting obstructions provides important information to enforcement agencies about where the hot spots for violations are located, and helps focus their enforcement efforts.

Commonwealth Connect is not an immediate response system; if you need an immediate response to a hazard or obstruction, you may call either of the phone numbers provided above.

Vehicles in Bus Stops

You can report a vehicle parked illegally in an MBTA bus stop by taking a photo and sending it directly through the MBTA See Something Say Something app.

For More Information

View the city’s Bike FAQ for answers to common traffic-related questions.

You may also report an issue to the Cambridge Police Department.