Bluebikes Station Suggestion Map

About This Tool

A new bluebikes station in Harvard Square

Where do you think we should put new Bluebikes stations? Suggest a new location with the Cambridge Bluebikes Station Suggestion Map.

Bluebikes has become one of the most popular ways to get around Cambridge and the need for new stations is always increasing. Our long-term goal is for all people in Cambridge to have a Bluebikes station a few blocks or less from where they live, work, shop, or play. We want to hear where you think Bluebikes stations would be most beneficial.

This suggestion tool will help us identify where there is the most demand for new Bluebikes stations. You may suggest as many locations as you would like. Please note that this tool is intended to gather information about the demand for Bluebikes stations throughout Cambridge and we cannot guarantee stations will be installed in every suggested location.

How to Use the Map

Each hexagon on this map represents 1/8 of a mile (across) in Cambridge. Blue dots show existing Bluebikes stations. Select a hexagon to pick an area where you would like to see a Bluebikes station. As locations gain more votes, they will appear a darker shade of purple. For more detailed instructions, consult the help screen on the mapping application.

A map of Cambridge showing existing and suggested Bluebikes station locations.

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