Temporary Bluebikes Station Relocation

Requesting a Temporary Bluebikes Station Relocation

On occasion, City construction projects or private construction projects require a temporary relocation of a Bluebikes station. If you are a City department or contractor who would like to request the temporary move of a Bluebikes station in order to accommodate construction or other critical access needs, please fill out this request form

Please note: 

  • While we make every effort to accommodate a construction schedule, moving a station requires personnel and equipment and we request as long advance notice as possible, preferably 4-6 weeks in advance.
  • Costs for the relocation are between $500 - $2000 for each move (e.g., one move away and one move back will be two moves) and are to be borne by the requesting entity (including City departments). There is space in the form for identifying where the invoices will be directed.
  • Bluebikes is a publicly-owned system and the City of Cambridge owns Bluebikes equipment within the city. Please reach out to project staff if you have any questions at bluebikes@cambridgema.gov